Posted on: January 26, 2009 10:37 pm

Still going good thus far

Three weeks into the diet / work out and I am still going strong.  I have not really been tempted by any of the foods that I have tried to stay away from.  I have been working out semi-regularly which has also helped out a great deal.  I also recently started to take some vitamins.

So far, I am benching around 92 pounds.  Not bad so far.  It feels good to have my arms hurting the next day, I know I am doing something right.  I also have been curling 20 pounnds.

The bike has been okay so far.  I am still doing ten minutes but I turned up the tension to make it harder to petal and making me sweat more.  I also have recently started to petal as hard as a could as long as I can go after the first 10 minutes are up.

Started at 310

Down 13 so far.


87 more to go.

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Posted on: January 12, 2009 5:55 pm

First week of the new me down

Well the first week is over, and I am going good so far.  I started last monday due to new years eve and the weekend right after.

I started the new year at 310.

So far after a week I have dropped 5 pounds and I am now at 305.

Thus far, I have been mostly watching what I am eating.  Cutting out pop, sweets, and junk food.  Eating more fruits and veggies.  I also have started lifting and riding a bike.  Starting slow of course I do not want to rush it and hurt myself.

I started benching just 40 pounds to get back into the groove of things.  Already up to 60.  I know I can lift much more, but there is no point in trying to much to fast and risk hurting myself like I stated before.  With curling, I started off with just 10 pounds.  I am at around 15 after a week.  With the bike, the first few days I rode it for only about 5 minutes at a time.  Already going 10 minutes at a time.  I need a new bike or a treadmill though.  This one is so old, but it was free (the only reason I have it).  Free is better then buying one I guess.

So that is the first update, already trimming it away.  I know it always starts fast then usually hit a bump or 2 along the way.  Hopefully I can keep my spirits up and lose this dang weight!



95 more to go.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 7:20 pm

A new year, hopefully a new me

Well 2008 has been very good.  Moved into a place with my fiancee, got a cat, still have my car, and realized that my wedding is less then a year away.  Well being a guy I have puts a lot of stuff off.  And the big one is losing some weight.

I started 2008 at around 310.  First couple months I did a very good job, lost around 20 pounds down to 290, and let me tell you it felt great to be under 300 pounds.  But then for some reason, I just gave up.  So now here i am around 315-320 again feeling terrible about my weight.  So this year I am going to be serious and hopefully lose and keep off the weight.  Long term goal is to lose at least 100 pounds, hopefully a little more in the long run.  The only good thing is that i am 22 years old, so it should come off semi-easy.

So I might not appear on the boards as much as I used to, and any kind words and helpfully tips will be much needed and thanked.  I will hopefully try to keep anyone interested updated, ill give the offical weight when I do the weigh in on jan 2.

Wish me luck and best of luck to all on 2009.

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Posted on: December 23, 2008 7:54 pm


THIS IS SPARTA!!!! opps sorry wrong 300.

So the 300 streak is over for the Steelers.  This is one of the most impressive streaks I personally have witnessed, but also in football also.  With the league built around scoring and pass first offenses it is impressive to see a team built around defense first.  Considering the steelers have played one of the  "toughest" schedule ever in the nfl.  Some of the teams that did not break the 300 yard mark during this streak usually break it every week.  Some of these power offense are the Cowboys, Colts, Bolts, Patriots, and sometimes the Bengals and Browns

The last time a team held this many opponents to less then 300 yards was the '73 Rams.  The game has changes so much since the 70's.

This record has the makings of not being broken for a long time.  Now with offense first defense second on most teams I may not live to see it broken.  Hopefully if it does it is by the steelers.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 8:48 pm

AFC North

Well i do not think anyone at the beginning of the year would have thought that the Steelers would be 9-3 12 games in.  I am glad the steelers are doing so well, and it is funny that everyone at the beginning of the season was picking the Browns since they had a decent year last year.  Most people would say that Baltimore is a big suprise this year being 8-4.  But looking deeper, the two teams are very comparable.

Piitsburgh - +4 turnover ratio, 42 sacks, 3699 total yards, defense has given up 2856 yards, scored 216, 189 scored against.

Baltimore - +7 turnover ratio, 26 sacks, 3882 total yards, defense has given up 3040 yards, scored 236, 166 scored against.

So the steelers have more sacks and less yards against, and the Ravens have more turnovers, and less points given up.

The biggest suprise has to be Flacco for the ravens.  And the steelers has to be there defense.  Everyone knew that the steelers defense was going to be good, but they are playing out of this world right now.  And Flacco is playing like a 5 year vet.  Not making stupid risky throws.  Managing the game very good.

Steelers have Dallas, Baltimore, Tennessee, and Cleveland.  If they only win 2 more games, they have the division.  11-5 Would look great at the end of this long hard season.

Ravens have Washington, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Jacksonville.  They could easily win 3 of these games.  making them 11-5 and losing to tie-breakers to the steelers.

I think it will end Steelers 12-4 and ravens 11-5.  And steelers as the 2nd with a 1st round bye.

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Posted on: November 20, 2008 1:21 am
Edited on: November 20, 2008 1:42 am

Crosby vs Ovechkin

So i decide i really tried of people trying to compare 2 player who are nothing alike.

First of Crosby is a center and Ovechkin is a LW.  Most of the times, LW are mainly scores and C are usually pass 1st shot 2nd players.  Again i will say MOST since i know someone will be like "not all centers are pass first". 

So goals by far go to Alex at 170-105
Assist are 211-158 for Crosby
Points are Alex 328-316
Shots are 1341-765 for Alex, so almost double the shots over 3+ season.
Shot % is 12.7-13.7 for crosby

So i guess this kinda shows more about what i was saying above, that most LW's are shooters and C's are more passers. It is kinda hard to compare 2 people, one who shots way more then the other one.  They play different parts of the ice, one is a play maker and the other is a scorer.  They both are amazing player and the league should be thrilled to have them at the same time around the same age.  The NHL is stupid for not trying to hype up a rival between them or even malkin and ovechkin.  Washington and Pittsburgh hate each others in hockey, but how could you not hype these player playing each other?

Posted on: November 11, 2008 4:45 pm

1st Round of play-offs

okay so this is the play-offs i see happening


1) Titans 14-2
2) Steelers 11-5
3) Buffalo 10-6
4) Denver 9-7
5) Miami 10-6
6) Baltimore 10-6


1) Giants 13-3
2) Carolina 11-5
3) Minnesota 10-6
4) Arizona 10-6
5) Washington 11-5
6) Atlanta 10-6

Okay first round AFC

3) Buffalo vs 6) Baltimore - I will have to go Buffalo here.  Both teams are mostly even, i giving the edge to Buffalo via Speical teams play.  QB i would say slight edge to buffalo since Flacco is a rookie, and its a long season who knows how long he holds up.  Both defense are lights out, and both running games are soild with slight edge to baltimore.  I am going to say Buffalo 20 Baltimore 17

4) Denver vs 5) Miami - Going "upset" here and saying Miami.  Miami's running attack of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown has been to much this year.  Plus, they are going against denver whos defense is not good to say it nice.  The wild-cat formation they run from time to time throws off defense and makes people respect the run and the ability the running backs have to throw the ball.  The only shot denver has is if it is a shot out, which i do not think it will be.  Miami 28 Denver 14

First round NFC

3) Minnesota vs 6) Atlanta - Going to go with Atlanta in this one.  Minnesota has been shaky a lot this year.  Some games they look amazing, and sometimes the look terible.  And overall Atlanta has looked good.  QB going to go with Ryan over Gus and its not really close.  Running back going minnesota but it is close, seeing as turner is having a really good year.  Defense and ST is about even i would say.  And when everything is usually even it comes down to QB, so Atlanta. Atlanta 21 Minnesota 20

4) Arizona vs 5) Washington - This one depends on which Arizona shows up, the one that played vs Dallas or the one that played the Jets.  Washington is hot and cold also.  Looked good all year after the terrible start vs giants, then against pittsburgh they looked bad.  Arizona's offense is just so much better then washingtons.  The run game def is better then arizona, but the passing game is just so overpowering.  Arizona 35 Washington 21

So the playoffs now look like this


TItans vs Miami and Pittsburgh vs Buffalo

and NFC

Giants vs Atlanta and Carolina vs Arizona

Will post this round later.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 10:02 pm

NFL play-offs

As of right now the play-offs would be

1) Titans - 9-0

2) Steelers - 6-3

3) Pats - 6-3

4) Denver - 5-4

5) Baltimore - 6-3

6) Jets - 6-3

And on the other side it is

1) New York - 8-1

2) Carolina - 7-2

3) Arizona - 5-3

4) Chicago - 5-4

5) Tampa Bay - 6-3

6) Washington - 6-3

I believe that the play-offs will look different. 

Okay, so the AFC will look like this

1) Titans 14-2

2) Steelers 11-5

3) Buffalo 10-6

4) Denver 9-7

5) Miami 10-6

6) Baltimore 10-6


1) Giants 13-3

2) Carolina 11-5

3) Minnesota 10-6

4) Arizona 10-6

5) Washington 11-5

6) Atlanta 10-6

I am either going to be dead on, or way off.  I am going to go with the latter, but it is worth a shot to guess, makes it fun.

Hopefully i am right about the 2nd seed steelers.

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